Lone female sailor in round-the-world ‘voyage for madmen’ is stranded in the Southern Ocean

Lone female sailor in round-the-world ‘voyage for madmen’ is stranded in the Southern Ocean

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Susie Goodall, 29, was the youngest and lone female entrant in a solo round-the-world sailing race. She is awaiting rescue in the Southern Ocean after a storm dismasted her yacht.
(Susie Goodall Racing) December 6 at 5:48 AMTwo thousand miles west of Cape Horn, in the Southern Ocean that circles Antarctica, a 29-year-old woman wondered “WHAT ON EARTH I’M DOING OUT HERE.”This desperate question was posed Wednesday by Susie Goodall as she met a storm bringing 60-knot winds that wrecked her mast and threw her 35-foot Rustler cruising yacht end over end. She was on day 157 of a quest to circumnavigate the globe when the yacht began doing somersaults, sending the boat’s contents flying and knocking her unconscious for an interval.Now, the solo yachtswoman is stranded on the high seas, the closest rescue ship at least two days away.With cascading blond hair and light blue eyes, the native of Falmouth, in southwest England, was the youngest and the lone female contestant in a round-the-world sailing competition known as the 2018 Golden Globe Race. The contest began in July in Les Sables-d’Olonne, a seaside town in Western France.The 30, 000-mile route winds its way down the Atlantic and eastward, passing ....

The 30, 000-mile solo circumnavigation begins and ends in Les Sables d’Olonne, France.
(Golden Globe Race 2018) Goodall had been in fourth place in the contest, which commemorates the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. The original competition, labeled “A Voyage for Madmen" by a 2001 book on the maritime match, was the first solo, nonstop sailing race around the world. Nine men entered. Only one finished. .

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